Crêpes filling: Ham & Cheese

Hi again!

I’m back from Dublin! Since last week I hadn’t time enough to write any posts, I’m starting now with this super easy recipe.

A few weeks ago I posted crêpes batter’s recipe and said that will post some crêpes fillings. Today I want to share Ham & Cheese filling.
It’s not a big deal and some of you will already know that one but thought it is a good recipe for those who are starting to learn how to do this lovely recipe.


  • 1 quantity crêpes batter.
  • 200 gr of ham.
  • 100 gr of grated Emmental.


  1. Cook a piece of crêpe.
  2. Once you’ve got it cooked, put some ham and cheese inside.
  3. Close the crêpe as the Emmental melts down with the heat.
  4. Enjoy it!!!!

Hope you liked this first filling. Sorry I didn’t made any pictures… Let me know your opinions!

Be happy!

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