October pictures

It’s time, today I share the photos I took the last month… Here we’ll appreciate my progress, or… I hope so…

But first, by the time you’ll be reading this I’ll be on Dublin for a short trip, I’ll post some photos soon! I just wanted to tell you because I want to start sharing small things of my life so, hope you enjoy it! ^_^

This is one of my trials with my new photo apps
OMG! I love this shoes
Beautiful dawn (the same day the one above)

This is the diary where I note my ideas and projects

Some trials with new markers

A gift that my very friend Ana brought to class

This was my tea mug, I say was because I broke it a few days ago… 😦 I loved it so much!!!

Leela, our beautiful kitten

Me and my sister’s hat

Sweeeeeet pastry

Learning how to do red velvet cupcakes with my friend Esther. I liked it so much that I’ll post some new cupcakes recipe soon! =)
Those are my new house slippers. The are so beautiful!

Smile honey, smile!

I did this milshakes for my friends Ana and Vienna a couple weeks ago, I’ve already decided that I’ll post the recipe here. 

This face is perfect for a meme! (On my boyfriend’s words)
My lovely folder! I’m so proud of this DIY… I use it every day so it’s one of the most useful thinks I’ve created.

This is what I see every day… That day was specially beautiful.

This is not so special place, I just was waiting for my karate lessons to start and I took this peak.

Our beautiful cat again, always watching at us…

On rainy days… Stars and skirts!!! ^_^

And again… the cat…

Some silly photos… I’m a bit shy and didn’t wanted to share this ones but that’s the way you can really get to know me: allways doing silly things.

The photo I sent to my sisters the day I went reddie… It’s not easy to appreciate it because of the ligths but I went.

A rock I found going for a walk with Manu

The recipe box project, I really love this photo!

One of the recipes I’ll be sharing soon… (You see? More cupcakes!)


Another project I’ll be sharing soon

And, well, some pictures my boyfriend took me on Monday to add one to my curriculum vitae…
Those are the pictures I took last month… Do you notice any progress? Which ones are your favorites? Mines are the kitten’s, of course… Ha!
Enjoy your day!

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