Recipe Box

Hi there!

I love handmade yabadabaduba recipe books, those ones created by your own and filled with your favorites recipes, the ones you don’t want to forget, it doesn’t matter the fact you cook them without the need of recipe.

All my blog experiences have been consequence of the starting of this adventure. I never was an “Internet person” but since I started have been finding that sometimes people that you don’t even know are closer to you than your everyday environment. So now I spend a lot of time finding new projects and looking for inspiration. A few months ago, while I was looking for new blogs I found that beauty and I started thinking about making my own book. But there was a fact that I was unable to ignore… I’m a bit obsessed about order (well, my sister calls me order histerical…), so the way you write recipes while you do them, without any alphabetical order, has never matched with me. I spent a few days thinking about doing it or not and finally just decided to let it go.  Then a couple of weeks ago a thought exploded on my mind: my sister bought a recipe box once and I was for years looking for one but I never got it…
Well, why not to make it myself? Today is the day!!!


  • A small size box, it would be better to find the cards first and then look for a box with the correct dimensions.
  • Index cards.
  • A couple of white cardboards .
  • A cup of cold coffee.
  • Rule, square and bevel.
  • A pencil, a clean paintbrush and a fine tip marker.
  • Scissors.


  1. With the pencil, draw the separators on the cardboards, make sure that they suit the box’ dimension and remember to also draw the tabs. I made tabs 1 cm wide. (Use rule, square and bevel)
  2. Cut them.
  3. Paint the separators with the coffee, you have to paint both sides. Wait until the dry. I did this because the box I chose had a vintage design so I wanted to give the separators a vintage look. The result was perfect and the box also the box smells like coffee (I really like it!).
  4. Write a letter in every tab with the tip marker.
  5. Fill the index cards with the recipes and sort alphabetically.
Here are a couple sneak picks, hope you like them!
Have a nice day!

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