DIY with a T-shirt

(Don’t you love my new toy???)

Hi everyone!!!
Today I want to share the craft Esther and I did the red velvet cupcakes’s day. We made a necklace, a bracelet and a diadem (the hole kit for me and two of them for her).

We used two old t-shirts and this was the result (I love it!!!!):

(Breaking news: I went reddy last week!)

So here we go:


  • Wire on your favorite colour (diameter: 1.5 mm, one meter will be more than enough).
  • Chain in the same colour (50 cm.).
  • Old cotton t-shirts.
  • A tin can.
  • A small piece of black ribbon.


  1. Cut the t-shirts into strips about 5 cm wide.
  2. Get three or four strips in different colours, we used two yellow and two pale pink, put them together and tie them with a safety pin.
  3. Use the tin can to hold on the strips and braid them.
  4. Use the wire to decorate the necklace: Roll the wire on a marker and then put it on the necklace, use it to close the braid as shown below.
  5. Do another braid and use the chain to decorate it, close it with wire too.
  6. Braid other four strips and close it with the ribbon with two small knots in every side. This braid has be the exact length to adjust your head, don’t make it too long, there will be no problem to put it on your head because the braid’s strechy.
Here I leave some images which can be usefull:
Braid in 3 strips 

Braid in 4 strips
(Images found here)
Hope you liked this new craft… Those are ones of my favorites accessories now so hope you like them too!!!
Have a nice day!

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