Crochet hat

Hi again!

This week is my sister’s birthday so a few days ago I started crafting her gift. Last Christmas I made her a scarf and I decided to knit her a crochet hat with leftover wood, so now she’ll have a beautiful hat to use with her beautiful scarf.

If you don’t know anything about crochet basics, you can learn here everything you need to know about them. The best way you can learn is with someone’s help (if your mom or your grandma are crochet goddesses please, ask them to help you).
Of course, I didn’t know anything about crochet, so I had to learn to. I found a page that explained quickly and easily the hat’s procedure and started learning.


  • Yarn in your favourite colour (50 gr aprox), it has to match number five needles.
  • A number five needle. 


  1. Start with a 3 stitches foundation chain, close with a slip stitch.
  2. Do 12 double crochet stitches.
  3. Two double crochet stitches to every single one on lap 2 (24 stitches).
  4. A double crochet stitch in every single one on lap 3.
  5. Double every stitch again (48 stitches).
  6. Do as presented.
  7. Do as presented.
  8. Increase a stitch every three stitches on the previous lap, i.e., a stitch, a stich, two stitches. (64 stitches)
  9. As presented.
  10. As presented.
  11. As presented.
  12. Reduce 9 stitches. Reduce one every 6 or 7 stitches. There will be 55 but if you don’t reduce it exactly it’s not a big deal.
  13. As presented.
  14. As presented.
  15. Reduce 4 more stitches.
  16. End with single crochet and hide the strand.
This is the result:
There’s a big difference between the one I did and the image in the page I found the explanation, that’s because my wool was thicker than the one recommended, I use this one because it was the same wool used in the scarf and the result was also beautiful. On my experience, if you have to buy the yarn make shure that it matches the needle, it will be easier to work with, but recycling is always a good option ;-).
Hope you liked it!

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