Here I am, an almost twenty-five-old-years-girl, starting a young blogg just for fun. Well, it’s been a hard week, even a hard year, trying to finish my studies, trying to find a place and trying not to get lost on my own thougths. Just feeling perhaps a little bit depressed…
Then I decide to begin this new adventure, I don’t know anything about bloggs, just read one or two and not very often, but I have the feeling that it would be an interesting hobbie.

Don’t see this blogg like a place where other people will find interesting things to read, I see it like a place where I will find interesting things to write. Here I want to talk about everything that makes me happy, everything that crosses my mind and some of my hobbies. There will be no specific topic, I’ll just share things that I like.

I have to thank Elsie and Emma from A beautiful mess because they gave me the idea, just yesterday post four simple goals to be accomplished before 2013 and encouraged their readers to think about their own goals and start a blogg to talk about them.

Well, I did it! Those are my simple goals (there are 5 instead of 4):

  1. Do a bit of sport every day, feeling better and healthier.
  2. Make a mood picture daily, it doesn’t matter the issue, I want to learn photography and this will be my way of doing it.
  3. Cook for fun at least once a week. I love cooking but sometimes I don’t really enjoy it because I’m too hungry or too busy. Up from now, I’ll find some time weekly to cook for fun and learn new dishes.
  4. Go dancing at least once a month. Also love dancing but it’s been a long time without having a great dance session so I’ll find the moment to go out and enjoy it!
  5. Start a blogg. Maybe is not so simple but I am very excited about this one.
Ok then, I talked a bit about this new project. Hope you like it! 

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