September pictures

September ends and I want to share with you some of the snapshots I’ve been taken during the last month.
Those pictures are consequence of a list of 5 simple goals to be accomplished before 2013 that I post when I started the blog.

Please let me know your opinion. Hope you liked it!


Amazing "Crêpes"

Hi there! Today I want to share with you a simple dish everyone loves: crêpes.

When we think of this tasty food, we always think in France where crêpes are traditionally served in Candlemas (Virgin Mary’s Blessing Day. February 2) or better called “Le jour des crêpes”, wich means the day of the crêpes. But the fact is that there are lot of European countries where you can find them. For example, I’m Spanish and where I am from crêpes are eated with chestnuts and sweet potatoes on Halloween.

Similar to pancakes, this is a versatile dish thus you can eat savory or sweet crêpes, it just depens on the filling. Here I bring the batter recipe.


4 eggs
1 cups of flour
2 cups of milk
50 gr of butter (about 2 oz)
A sugar tablespoon.
A salt teaspoon.
A Cointreau tablespoon. Here you can use another liqueur but it’s important it matches the ingredients you’re going to use later, for example, if you want to eat it with savory ingredients something like Bourbon will be perfect and if you prefer the sweet ones then something like anissette is ok. If you’re using both use the one you prefer.
You can cook about 20 crêpes whit this recipe (small pan).


  1. In a mixing bowl large enough (better if it’s made of glass), whisk the eggs. Add the milk, the melted butter and the liqueur and blend again.
  2. Add the sugar and the salt.
  3. Add the flour bit by bit, previously sieved (you can use a metallic colander) while you stir with a wooden spoon. Doing that we avoid  the batter gets crumbly.
  4. Cover and let stand for one hour on the fridge.
  5. Heat the pan, put a bit of butter in a kitchen paper and when the pan is hot enough you oil it with the butter (see the pictures below).
  6. Put a bit of batter on the pan, crêpes are very thin so you have to be careful not to use too much. Wait until the batter gets solid and beggin to move the pan to prevent sticking the crêpe, when you think it’s cooked enough flip it with a wooden spatula. Cook the second side and put it on a plate.
  7. You can fill it with everything you want: Chocolate, jam, sugar, cheese (with this one is a good idea to put the cheese in the crêpe before you remove from the pan so it melts and gets delicious!) ..
Once made, you can keep the batter for 2 or 3 days on the fridge.
Here are a few snapshots.
I love so much this recipe that I cook it very often. I eat them for breakfast so usually prepare de batter the day before. 
Hope you like my first recipe, please let me know your experience. Soon I’ll post some filling recipes so you can enjoy this lovely food with all its possibilities. See you soon!!!

5 things I do for relaxing

Picture that: It’s the end of the day, you’ve been all day out, working, running and going up and down. Arrive home, you feel tired and stressed and you need something that helps you feel better. It’s time for relaxing.
When I feel like that there are about five kind of activities that I like to do. I choose them depending on how long I can spend doing them and, of course, on what I want to do at that moment. I’ll talk about them from the shortest to the longest and completely explain them.

Deep breaths:

In my opinion this is the easiest way of relaxing out home and also very effective. You just have to take deep breaths but in the way a flutist or a Yoga teacher would do it. Usually, when we breathe we only use the upper part of the lungs but in order this relaxing method becomes useful for us we have to learn how to take abdominal breaths. It’s possible that at first you can’t do it, but after a few begginer’s exercises it will become very easy.

Ho to do it?

The basic exercice is to lay down and put a hand on your stomach. You start breathing and if your chest is going up and down before your stomach does, you’re not breathing correctly.
Then you empty the most you can your lungs, it’s easier if you picture you’re trying to connect the abs to the spine. Once you did it, take a deep breath, you’ll find that your stomach goes up, then your chest expands and finally the upper part goes up. 
You can do this everyday a few times before you sleep and soon you’ll find this exercise very easy.
The next step is to do the same exercise but this time standing.
Once you know how to take abdominal deep breaths, can use it for relaxing any time needed.
I often end the relaxation break with a quick self-massage on my shoulders and neck.

Self-massage and streching:

This can be done quick or more carefully, it depens on the time you’ve got and the effectivenes wanted. It’s a useful method if you spend long periods sitting, for example, if you work with the computer or you are a student. In this case, you will be facilitating blood circulation at the same time you relax.
You just have to self-massage the parts of your body you prefer: feet, legs, hands, shoulders, neck… it depends on you.
If you’ve got enough time, can do it after having a shower, with some mosturizing cream, always with both hands and doing circles.
When I do that, I like to complete my relaxing moment with some streching.

Puzzles or crafts:

Here I put those two because love them but they can be replaced by your hobbies. The point is you have to find the time to enjoy them.


I find this one very useful in order you relax cooking and also relax eating it. 😀
It has to be a quiet activity, enjoying every part of it, tasting every single ingredient and taking care of details.

Relaxing bath:

This one is my favourite, requires at least one hour but it worths it.
First of all have to warm up the bathroom, fill the bathtub and light some candles, if you want can also listen to some soft music. You have to prepare for a complete beauty session: hair mask, facemask, exfolliation, everything you like. Then you spend about half an hour in the water and you end the session with some self-massage. Once finished you’ll feel very relaxed.
If you have no time to have a bath or there’s no bathtube in your bathroom you can also take a relaxing shower, it’s not so effective but it helps. The key is the relaxing atmosphere you prepare before the shower.
Hope this post helped you. I would like to know what do you do for relaxing or if you try some of mines what do you think about them. Bye!


Here I am, an almost twenty-five-old-years-girl, starting a young blogg just for fun. Well, it’s been a hard week, even a hard year, trying to finish my studies, trying to find a place and trying not to get lost on my own thougths. Just feeling perhaps a little bit depressed…
Then I decide to begin this new adventure, I don’t know anything about bloggs, just read one or two and not very often, but I have the feeling that it would be an interesting hobbie.

Don’t see this blogg like a place where other people will find interesting things to read, I see it like a place where I will find interesting things to write. Here I want to talk about everything that makes me happy, everything that crosses my mind and some of my hobbies. There will be no specific topic, I’ll just share things that I like.

I have to thank Elsie and Emma from A beautiful mess because they gave me the idea, just yesterday post four simple goals to be accomplished before 2013 and encouraged their readers to think about their own goals and start a blogg to talk about them.

Well, I did it! Those are my simple goals (there are 5 instead of 4):

  1. Do a bit of sport every day, feeling better and healthier.
  2. Make a mood picture daily, it doesn’t matter the issue, I want to learn photography and this will be my way of doing it.
  3. Cook for fun at least once a week. I love cooking but sometimes I don’t really enjoy it because I’m too hungry or too busy. Up from now, I’ll find some time weekly to cook for fun and learn new dishes.
  4. Go dancing at least once a month. Also love dancing but it’s been a long time without having a great dance session so I’ll find the moment to go out and enjoy it!
  5. Start a blogg. Maybe is not so simple but I am very excited about this one.
Ok then, I talked a bit about this new project. Hope you like it!